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Another Field - Morag Eaton

Farming Diversity: creative business opportunities

Inspired by the astounding fact that it costs more to shear a sheep than the value of its fleece, Morag Eaton’s Another Field project looks at three farms that have diversified in different ways.  She is a well-established printmaker whose work we have exhibited before and it’s exciting to have back on display, especially as much of the exhibition is drawn from our own cheese suppliers, Ted & Helen Brown at Galloway Farmhouse Cheese (formerly From Ewe to You!). 

From Ewe to You - organic sheep, cow and goat milk cheeses on a sheep farm at Sorbie, less than 8 miles south of Beltie Books.

Ogilvy Spirits - potato growers producing potato vodka at Glamis, near Forfar in Angus.

The Barn at Beal - restaurant, coffee shop, bar and campsite, on the farm, at Berwick-upon-Tweed.