BELTIE BOOKS & Café is back - open again from 1 August 2020, with COVID rules applying.  What a time it’s been!  But it’s great to be open, and pretty busy for  while there, again. 


ENTRANCE & EXIT - please use hand sanitiser.

BOOKSHOP - please wear a mask (it helps us all protect each other) - and please leave any books you’ve handled but not bought in the return bin provided so we can deal with them later.


CAFÉ - you must register on line in case you get caught up in NHS Test & Protect tracing of COVID-19 contacts:  Click here.  Wear a mask if you wish, but this is not required (and you can’t while eating and drinking anyway, doh!).  Please ensure you and your group remain physically (socially) distant from others.  Use the garden if it’s suitable weather. 

We will try our best to ensure everything is clean and sanitary. 

Please please, stay safe.